Met Art X – Adel Morel



Gorgeous Adel Morel reveals to camera how when she’s in a bad mood she likes to read a book while drinking wine, because it makes her think interesting thoughts. The camera cuts to her doing just that, wearing sexy red underwear. With her hair styled into a classic bob, the Ukrainian brunette looks stunning as she lowers her bra to expose her beautiful breasts, and rubs her nipples to stiffness. Tugging her panties aside, she sucks on her fingers and rubs them in a circular motion over her slit and clit. Her eyes close, her mouth gapes, and her breathing gets erratic as she increases the speed of her actions; and she pants loudly when she slips a middle finger deep inside her pussy and thrusts it in and out of her wetness, fast and hard.

Her Revelation Oct 28, 2017


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Met Art X – Sima A



Adorable Sima A looks a vision of unrestrained sexiness as the camera cuts between her writhing on a bed in a lacy white teddy, and lying naked on a kitchen table, the nipples of her pert breasts standing fully erect. The camera soon focuses on the raven-haired Ukrainian cutie’s tabletop activities, as she strokes and strums her shaved pussy. As her panting gets more erratic she slips two spit-slicked fingers deep inside her honey hole, and works them hard and fast. When she flips over onto her knees and resumes frigging her pussy, she is so wet her actions make a loud slapping noise, that increases in volume until she lets out an almighty shriek of pleasure and climaxes.

Heartbreak Oct 27, 2017


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Met Art X – Patritcy A



Gorgeous Patritcy A looks stunning in an exotic, black lace number that leaves little to the imagination – made extra alluring by the fact she’s not wearing panties. The ever-sexy Latvian babe slinks over to a luxurious sofa, plants herself on the back of it and fully exposes her magnificent, curvy ass. Swaying around in a circle, she smiles invitingly as she takes off the outfit, before sitting spread-legged on the sofa, offering a sizzling full frontal view of her firm, perfect breasts, and her deliciously smooth, shaved pussy. Looking straight at the camera, there’s a look in her beautiful blue eyes that says she knows exactly what you want her to do next, and she does it. She licks her fingers, strokes them momentarily up and down the slick entrance to her honeypot, then drives two of them deep inside – moaning in ecstasy as she rides them towards orgasm.

Luscious Sofa Oct 19, 2017


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Met Art X – Sybil A



Still half asleep, super sexy brunette Sybil A starts rubbing her silky smooth, shaved pussy – splaying the lips wide and bumping her clit. As the delicious darling writhes sensually and shifts position, although her eyes are still closed, she wakes and takes off her night attire, a simple white T-shirt. With her beautiful big breasts exposed, she pulls herself up onto her knees, slips a hand between her lovely lithe legs, and resumes playing with her pussy. As her fingers rotate over her labia, she pants loudly, louder still when she flips onto her back and drives two fingers deep inside her wetness. The harder and faster she rubs and frigs her pussy, the wilder her writhing becomes, until she cries out in utter ecstasy as a powerful orgasm overwhelms her.

I Woke Up Like This Oct 18, 2017


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