X-Art – Alina H & Sasha Rose "Hot Euro Brunettes" Video

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Alina And Sasha Rose – Hot Euro Brunettes
Black lingerie, white lingerie take your pick. Sasha is tied up like a present. So first you’ll have to untie the big orange bow. Like on a new car only better. After that the girls will slowly remove the delicate lace from their perfect bodies. This obviously turns them on (I mean who wouldn’t be). Their breathing gets heavier and the action picks up until each girl comes to her own explicit, shuddering climax. Now all they need is you. They know you are watching. They told me. Love, Colette

Pornstars: Alina, Sasha Rose


X-Art – Rock Me All Night Long

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Cara Mell – Rock Me All Night Long
Oh Cara Mell! A Renaissance beauty if we ever saw one. And how would you like to come home to this naked artist and watch her spread paint all over herself and the walls. It’s actually too sensual to describe in words. So much fun, passion and a reason to appreciate today! This one really can’t be described properly, you have to watch to fully appreciate the experience. It is too hot for words! Love, Colette

Pornstars: Cara Mell


X-Art – Virtual Girlfriend

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Milla – Virtual Girlfriend
Long distance relationships are now hotter than ever.
Gone are the days of missing your girl when she’s out of town.
Nowadays she’s always right there with you… sending you selfies, live video chatting, and making you hard, hard, hardly miss her.
But if her night digital visuals don’t get you off, why not take it to the next level?
Login to X-Art, click the ‘Live Girls’ tab, and crawl into bed with a virtual girlfriend who will rock your world.
Just remember to FaceTime your wife or girlfriend at the same time, so she can join in the fun.
Coming soon to a tiny mobile phone screen near you, a hot AF digital three-way on the information super-freeway.

Pornstars: Milla


XA 2017-08-06 Susie Up Close and Personal 1080P

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Susie was booked for a solo fashion  shoot. As we all know Susie has been one of the most sought after Erotic models in the world! So recently when her naturally horny nature took over the "fashion shoot" turned naughty! She saw a man walk by and instantly decided she wanted to incorporate him in.
With her perfect body and sweet face the man certainly wasn’t going to say no. So then the Kissing, And Fucking in a variety of positions turned our fashion masterpiece into an erotic explosion! Oh and Susie loves 69, it’s her favorite position if you were wondering.
So let gorgeous Susie seduce you. She will even if you don’t want her to. And don’t forget to check out her entire portfolio in the model section. Susie’s "body of work" is smoking hot. Love, Colette (and Susie)


X-Art 2017-07-29 Sex For Three By The Sea 1080P

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Have you ever imagined two of your best girlfriends floating in the pool on a sunny day? They have a few drinks and one thing leads to the other. The crazy thing is that both of these girls are stunning fashion models and their bodies are so perfect that they just can’t stand not acting on their bi-curious instincts. Flirtatious play quickly leads to passionate kisses and then they remember you. Lounging in the cabana, ready and waiting to have some fun with them. The mood quickly turns from light to hot and heavy, sucking, fucking and multiple orgasms from every possible position. If you have a fetish, forget it. This video will handle it. Worth the price of membership for this one alone. Three is NOT a crowd. A fantasy come true in front of the tropical paradise. Stream or download as soon as you can and you’ll be whisked away to dreamland. But this really happened! xx Colette.


X-Art 17 06 01 Kim An Afternoon Inside Kim XXX 1080p

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Some of the most smoldering, sexual shoots for X-Art feature gorgeous European blondes. This time one of the stunning blondes is a brunette! And she has returned to get you HOT all over again! Fashion models get told what to do and wear. At X-Art they can change their minds and hair color whenever they want. Be it hair color or her desire to be with a man or a girl; right now, Kim knows what she wants. And her combination of charm, humor and an uninhibited search for great sex makes this girl the total package. Yes, she is beautiful and alluring. Personally, I think it is Kim’s training as a ballet dancer that makes her even more irresistibly special in bed. And trust me: Kim’s orgasms are the real deal! I know. XOXO, Colette.


X-Art 2017-03-05 Deep Inside Gina

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She may try to disguise herself in a festive Mardi Gras mask for awhile, but there is no way of forgetting this Russian model’s petite, tight and perfect body


X-Art 2017-02-12 Want To Fuck My Wife?

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Nancy applies lipstick while wearing bra and panties that reveal her spectacular figure. Karl pours them some red wine in the kitchen with visions of The Perfect Fuck dancing in his head. Nancy takes a sip while we drink in her blue eyes, full lips and those spectacular tits bursting to be free. Then she slithers across the table and lets him indulge his foot fetish while she laughs. Her husband slips off her panties. God, her tight pussy and ass are wonderful. Now naked, she remains on the table while he licks her clit and then Nancy devours a mouthful of cock. She asks him to take her from behind, and they passionately fuck in a variety of positions in the kitchen — without spilling the bottle of wine! Nancy knows that you are watching as she cums even harder. Wouldn’t you love the chance to fuck Nancy?  XOXO, Colette


X-ART 2016-11-22 The Big O

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X-Art has subscribers worldwide, and many of them get off the most when we feature European girls. Well, we strive to please, and what could be more pleasurable than watching the Ukraine’s spectacularly beautiful Nancy as she slowly gets naked and caresses and arouses her delicious body. This blonde is in no hurry, and by the time she spreads her perfect pussy and feels the erotic sensation of rushing water between her legs, she has your complete attention. Join Nancy as she beautifully fucks herself to “The Big O”! By the way, this stunning fashion model with the mesmerizing blue eyes and classic high cheekbones is a photographer’s delight. My bet is that you also will love her gorgeous natural tits and sexy tight ass. Nancy is new to X-Art and is game for more sexual adventures with us. Are you in? XOXO, Colette


X-Aat 2016-11-08 Beauty In Blue 1080P

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I think it is a great idea to dress Alexa in blue lingerie. You can see why this 5’10" beauty with the mesmerizing green eyes already is a successful fashion model. She looks great in everything and keeps her lean body in perfect athletic trim. When she decides to play tease-the-photographer by getting naked and spreading her lips, she overwhelms everyone with her natural, uninhibited sexuality. Naturally, I agreed when Alexa caught Jean’s eye and suggested that we move on to wine, a fireplace and some passionate fucking. Capturing her delight as she sucked his cock, got wet as he licked her pussy, and then continued to have hard orgasms as Jean’s ample manhood filled her up is fabulous erotic art. And Alexa loves that she is turning you on as well. Cheers, Brigham


X-Art 2016-10-28 Introducing Kimmy

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The first thing you notice about new X-Art Girl Kimmy is that dazzling smile, her fashion model body and those teasingly sexy eyes. Kimmy loves to show some skin and then seduce you to death. Watch as she reveals her young, tight pussy in this outdoors shoot and then slowly finger fucks herself. Did I mention that she has a lovely, well-toned ass? It is easy to lose yourself in her beauty as Kimmy spreads her wet lips, gives you That Look, and builds up to her first delightful orgasm with a cock-shaped toy. Our new girl likes it big and she likes it deep. Want to see more of Kimmy?  Cheers, Brigham


X-ART 2016-10-16 The Cabin and My Wood

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Let the fun begin! It’s a spooky Halloween fuck fest, X-Art style! Tiny Piper Perri and her blonde buddy, Naomi Woods, head to their ‘Cabin in the Woods’ – to party for the weekend! There’s a knock on the door… a weird Russian dude with a massive bong (and a pretty massive shlong) asks them if they want to smoke. Rejected, he returns a moment later and proposes to have sex instead. Possessed by the spirit of good fun, the girls agree and before he can say another word, he’s plunging his cock deep inside two perfectly gorgeous blonde pussies. Hope you have a happy Halloween – and that you all enjoy the pure carnal delights offered in this video. @brighamxart will post a fun and spooky surprise ending to this video on his X-Art Community page later today…


X-ART 2016-10-16 Forbidden Fruit

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Our college girl Anya  doubtless can have anyone she wants. Look at those sparkling blue eyes, inviting smile and tight little ass. She also has a special cock sucking skill you have to see. Anya’s appetite for sucking grapes soon grows to sucking cock (of course) and studly Frenchman Jean walks over so she’s like, "Why not?" Lucky Jean, Anya loves to get fucked from behind and she loves a man who can give her multiple orgasms and fuck her HARD. And when her petite body is on top she rides him like a cowgirl should. Check out the REAL passion between these two hot bodies and let me know what you think.. XOXO, Colette


X-ART 2016-10-09 Wet Perfection (Caprice | Uma Jolie)

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Yes, we know. Caprice and Uma Jolie are perfect. Period. Each X-Art Girl can make anyone wet (or hard). Now imagine this gorgeous duo together. In the pool or out, they are eager to fuck. Who is the most beautiful? Call it a blissful tie. Who is the most orgasmic? Caprice and Uma are so into each other, so passionate as they lick and finger each others’ pussies, that one hot body seems to blend into the other. Tenderness and lust. Caprice and Uma. Wet and naked. Perfection.


X-Art 2016-09-30 Luscious Lena (Lena)

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X-ART 2016-09-23 Kiss From A Rose

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X-Art 2016-09-03 Superhot Sexting (Jillian | Anny Aurora)

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タイトル: Superhot Sexting (Jillian | Anny Aurora)


X-ART 2016-08-08 Hungry For Your Love (Cherry Kiss)

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FullHD 1920×1080 & UltraHD 3840×2160
MP4 Format. 13:41 min.
Released: Aug 07, 2016


X-Art 2016-08-06 How Deep Is My Love II (Aidra)

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X-Art Girl Aidra has a great body, a beautiful face (those cute dimples!) and an intensely sensual quality that the camera adores. It was her idea to dress for bed in a garter, sheer stockings and high heels. Add a translucent dildo and let nature take its course. My hope in this shoot was to capture Aidra’s passionate, deep love of sex and the glory of her orgasms. She exceeded expectations! Sit back and enjoy her delicious curves; those magnificent natural tits; her flirting with you, the subscriber; and the the joy she reveals as she spreads her tight, wet pussy and fucks herself deep and hard. Amazing girl